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We're Open Inside!!!

You’ve never seen us like this before

And we can’t wait to see you, either!

The tasting room at Saxtons Distillery will be opening to the public starting April 1, 2022.

In 2019, we opened at our new location at 155 Chickering Drive in Brattleboro, and as we were developing this fantastic new space Covid shut us down.

While it’s been a long time waiting to invite you in, we have used that time to ensure our tasting room is a fun, comfortable and safe place for you to come by, try our award-winning spirits and get to know us a bit better in person.

Given the lovely turn in weather, we also still have our outdoor area for enjoying some sunshine while you picnic - so come on in and meet us then soak up a little Vermont fresh air on our patio!

We are taking safety seriously: we have staff members who are immunocompromised, and you may have loved ones in your circles who are as well. We will still be wearing masks when we serve you and we are taking appropriate measures to ensure our facility is clean, our glasses and serving utensils are disinfected. These protocols ensure we can all focus on what we’re really there for - delightful spirits in a relaxed atmosphere.

Plan your visit during our tasting room hours:

Monday: 10am-5pm (Tastings Only)

Tuesday: 10am-5pm (Tastings Only)

Wednesday: 12pm-9pm

Thursday: 12pm-9pm



Sunday: Closed

We’re excited to meet you in person and see you in our tasting room! Come on by (and bring your friends)!

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