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Do You Prefer Your Passion Neat or On the Rocks?

The same qualities you adore in your partner are also in your favorite bourbon.

No, really. Think about that.

What do you love in a fine bourbon?

Smooth. Sophisticated. Complex but not difficult. Adventurous. Confident. A hint of sweet.

Sound like anyone you know?

Of course it does. It sounds like Sapling Vermont Maple Bourbon. And your boo.

Sapling is a blend of bourbon and Vermont maple syrup - whiskey notes forward and a soft maple finish. What makes this unique, and richer, than other maple bourbons?

Our maple syrup is wood-fired: cooked over a wood fire. Historically, this has been the maple sugaring process for decades; however, the use of firewood for making maple syrup is now the exception, not the norm.

Let’s face it: you don’t drink fine quality bourbon because you’re seeking “the norm”.

If maple really isn’t your thing, you can indulge your passion with the equally sophisticated but a smidge less sweet Sapling Honey Bourbon. Saxtons Distillery founder, Christian Stromberg, turned back to his family roots of crafting unique honey liqueurs and launched Sapling Honey Bourbon in 2021. This is a delicious option for those who like their whiskey with a bit more edge.

This Valentine’s Day, why not indulge in all your passions? Pick up a bottle (online or in person) of Sapling Vermont Maple Bourbon or Sapling Honey Bourbon and enjoy it with your other main passion in life.

What makes Sapling a bourbon for distinctive palettes?

The same thing that makes your choice of partner distinctive.

History. Values. Commitment.

Stromberg’s family fled Czarist-controlled Lithuania in 1906. After settling in the United States, they kept alive familiar Lithuanian traditions and customs, including making flavorful liqueurs. The tradition of crafting fine liqueurs has been passed from generation to generation, and as a teenager, Stromberg learned the art - and the hard work - of distilling from his grandfather.

After 15 years working as an engineer in the steel, automotive, aircraft and fiber optics industries, Stromberg decided to turn his inventive mind towards the family’s historical business. In 2006, he began working out of his barn alongside Saxtons River (Cambridgeport, VT), making every bottle himself. As his liqueurs gained critical attention and a dedicated fan base, he moved the distillery to Brattleboro (2011) where he continues to innovate both the flavors and the processes with which he crafts his liqueurs.

Today, you can visit Saxtons Distillery at 155 Chickering Drive, Brattleboro VT, and sample his entire suite of hand-crafted, unique liqueurs, including the Sapling line (bourbon and maple liqueurs), Snowdrop American Dry Gin and Perc Coffee Liqueur.

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