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Welcome  To The Sapling Family

Our History


“They strongly desired to assimilate into American society, but kept alive familiar Lithuanian traditions and customs, including making flavorful liqueurs. The tradition of crafting fine liqueurs has been passed from generation to generation, and we are pleased to share our unique liqueur with you.

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Saxtons River Distillery Vermont spirits combine old-world heritage with the flavor of Vermont. I gained appreciation for maple syrup while living in Vermont and visiting the sugar houses of friends in spring.

Understanding the amount of work required to produce quality maple syrup has given me profound respect for the final product. With a nod to family tradition and the tradition of Vermont, I offer you the unique taste of Saxtons River Distillery spirits.”

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- Christian Stromberg

Image by Martin Sanchez

Small Hand Crafted Spirits of Vermont

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Vermont Maple Syrup

We use 100% Grade A Vermont Maple Syrup, harvested all with Vermont Sugarmakers, to true encapsulate the spirit of Vermont

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